Exciting times for AAC and the world of wristbands!

AAC is pleased to announce the launch of its brand new website,! The new website provides a wealth of information and browsing options on all manner of wristbands, lanyards, promotional products, ID cards and even tickets and tokens.

Wristbands for Events - any event, any size!

Australia is home to a wide variety of events. Small parties, large music festivals, office parties and more - the purpose of Wristbands for Events is to provide options and ideas for wristbands you might require for any kind of event.

Whatever your requirements, Wristbands for Events can supply the wristband you require.

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Wristbands vary in style, colour, pricing and functionality, not to mention security and turnaround times. This website will provide specific information you need to consider when running an event, and then provide you with the ability to purchase these wristbands online or to call AAC ID Solutions at 1300 797 478 and place an order.

AAC ID Solutions is the leading supplier and manufacturer of wristbands in Australia, providing identification and security wristbands for events of all kinds. Use the links below to learn more:

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As Australia's wristband leader since 1995, only AAC manufactures and prints in-house in SE QLD - wouldn't you prefer to work with the company that produces your wristbands, and not a middle man? Call 1300 797 478 today or email your enquiry to and we'll provide a professional quote and helpful advice.